Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jc Spiva and I’m a vintage arcade collector in Eugene, OR. Mostly, I collect the classics I loved as a kid, and that would be machines built prior to 1990. Besides building my personal game room collection, I also donated some games to the Blair Alley Vintage Arcade located in the heart of ‘The Whit’ in downtown. Those games include a Centipede, Pole Position & Arkanoid. This arcade houses one of the largest active collections of vintage arcade machines and pinball machines in the Pacific Northwest. There’s another great spot in town called Level Up. My buddy Josh ownes it and I tell you what, this place is amazing and a must-see for anyone living in, or visiting Eugene.

All of us in the arcade community share a similar vision; restoring & preserving machines from an era known as the ‘golden age of video arcades’, and all of us enjoy sharing our collections, in any and all capacities, with those who love their beauty and gameplay as much as we do! 

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As for my personal arcade endeavors, I really enjoy hunting down these beautiful machines. Often, they’re rescue efforts that take time and money to rennovate, but it’s all about bringing back to life a small part of Americana that meant a lot to me when I was a kid. To collectors and appreciators alike, these machines are rare pieces of art worthy of a museum setting. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish with my own collection.

Space certainly becomes an issue when you collect these bulky treasures, and luckily I recently purchased a spacious mid-century modern in the South Hills of Eugene. This place is beautiful and absolutely screams arcade, and it has opened up all kinds of design opportunities for that killer game room I’ve been designing in my head for years. It also gives me the space to set up my recording studio again. For a long time I’ve wanted both of these hobbies to co-existing in the same space, so yes, I’m really pleased with how it’s coming along. So far, I’ve basically thinned down my collection to the games I’m most passionate about. At one point I had 35 machines, but now I’m down to a much more manageable 16. I’m really enjoying putting this space together to complete a truly awesome game room, mostly of the most-iconic machines from the 70’s & 80’s. The images on here are a mix of both places, but I will get better ones up as soon as our work is completed.  

So as the story goes, I bought my first machine nine years ago, then another, and another, then eventually came to the conclusion that I was just having way too much fun with this new hobby of mine. I really enjoy traveling all over to capture them, and have gotten to explore many places I probably wouldn’t have gone otherwsie. I have some really great stories. As for my current machines, we spend a lot of time playing them, especially weekends when I open the bar, crank up the tunes, flip a few switches, and my place becomes a mecca for all things retro gaming. I really dig watching people enjoy them, and all the lights and sounds create a magical environment, just like when I was a kid. All said and done, I’m not much of a modern gamer, but these damn things? Drop a coin in my Space Invaders machine with it’s pounding bass, and you tell me. 

If by chance you’re a seller, I’m always looking for the classic upright & cabaret machines. So if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, NorCal or B.C., contact me at 

Machines in my private collection 12/20/13: 

Tron ~ Galaga ~ Moon PatrolDig Dug ~ Tempest ~ GalaxianCentipedeAsteroids DeluxeMs. Pac-Man ~Space Invaders (upright & cabaret) ~ R-TypePole PositionXeviousAfterburner ~ Vindicators ~ Street Fighter II ~ Space Zap )

(Sold/Traded/Donated: Missile Command, Mario Brothers, Centipede, Pole Position, Toobin, Arkanoid, Bosconian, S.T.U.N Runner, Kung Fu Master, Caliber .50, Tornado Foos Ball, Easton Foos Ball)

Thanks for stopping by!  – Jc


                                                                           A typical layout grid, which I like to post in the arcade itself to remind me where everything is. Haha. This one is from the small space at the old place, 2012.

Tron and Moon Patrol (1982) in the old Duck cave before the addition of Galaxian and Space Zap.



The iconic Galaga machine is the newest to the collection, and we can’t stop playing it. Very happy about this score.


Space Invaders & Asteroids Deluxe cabaret machines.



This image is from the day we moved the arcade to the new place. New images of the actual layout and new additions coming soon! 


What a fun day this was. I’ve been hunting her down for years. This machine is currently sitting in my daughters room, exactly where it should be! 

Cal. 50, or sometimes called Caliber Fifty. Rare and controversial, it’s life was short-lived in arcades due to the brutal Vietnam War theme. In the 80’s, it was considered too violent for children. 

1982 Dig Dug. The #6-rated arcade game of all time. I used to play this with my friends at a since-closed Sea Galley restaurant in Walla Walla WA. One of my favorite games of all time. This particular machine is in near-mint condition, and just beautiful…. 

Space Zap! (1980) One of my favorites. Very rare. Simple and addictive shoot-em-up skill game. Beautiful cabinet with unique random blinking “Space Zap” marquee reminiscent of a pinball machine.

This Space Zap spent 30 years in a pizza parlour in Seattle! If only she could talk….. I’m quite certain she’s quite happy next to Galaxian and Tron though. Who wouldn’t be! 

This Tempset is simply in beautiful condition. Found in Portland OR. 


1980 Asteroids Deluxe cabaret/mini  – The bar gives it a nice size perspective. Isn’t it rad? I really dig these groovy cabinets.


Kung Fu Master!

Very nice condition, and played beautifuly. Very difficult game that no one really enjoyed who frequents my place. In 2013 I traded it in a bundle with S.t.u.n Runner for Ms. PacMan.

This 1979 Galaxian came to me with a blown monitor for $50. My buddy and I installed a new one ($100) after a little fabrication & chasis work (it’s a horizontal), and it turned out perfect. Grand total $150 (one of my cheapest yet) for one of the most awesome games of all time! This is our tournament machine.

(4.4.12) I had to post this pic! I finally beat Dustin’s high score of 12,470 with a score of 13,710. But still not as good as is should be, considering I get to play it whenever I want. Love this game very much. 


The R-Type is also in near-mint condition, and perhaps the most popular game in the collection with my friends who are serious space gamers.

Space Invaders! When I bought this, it had water damage and didn’t play well. Thanks to my arcade mechanic Dave, this beauty is back to it’s original epicness. The bass on this particular machine is simply amazing.

Such a beautiful machine. In my opinion, the most beautiful machine ever produced by Bally/Midway.

Centipede (1980), one of two in the collection. The other gets regular lovin’ at the Blair Alley Arcade in Eugene.

Toobin’, Xevious, and Pole Position. I have recently added a fuse to get the marque light working properly on the Xevious. (not fully working in this pic). My only regret so far was selling the Toobin’. This was the other game no one really played much, but the scrolling waterfall and sounds it made during attract mode were enough to where I probably should of held on to this one for aesthetics alone. Quite beautiful. But no fear, I’m sure we’ll meet again. Over the years I’ve developed a bunch of great collector connections.

S.T.U.N. Runner. It took six of us to safely move this beast to my house collection. This was what my daughter rode for years. Retired from the collection in 2013 and later traded for Ms. PacMan, which is the machine she really wanted.

Found this beautiful, rare Xevious in Tacoma. This is the game that was probably most-influencial in getting me started in collecting. The side art is ridiculous. It was my very favorite when I was young.

Missile Command Cabaret. Originally I was very excited about this rare gem. Finally got the cone light buttons blinking thanks to reproductions @! After putting a lot of $$ into it, this particular machine still glitched occasionally so I finally decided to trade it to someone who really loved this game, as I never really did. (Traded 9/8/12 for Tempest upright)

Afterburner was a quarter-eater and pissed me off to no end when I was young. I always felt robbed out of my quarters, but always came back for more. Don’t have to worry about that so much anymore.

Bosconian (1981). Don’t remember ever playing this game, but I couldn’t refuse this classic when it fell in my lap during a weekend in Portland. This game was sold in 2013 and my highly desireable Space Invaders cabaret purchased the same weekend.                                                                                             

~ More pics coming soon. Thanks for stopping by!